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PM chat with carljones555
looking for:dating a woman
distance:290 km

about carljones555:

ABOUT ME: I am outgoing, active, and adventurous which has kept me in great shape and health (mentally and physically). I find comfort in expected routines that we develop together but also like to be trying new things. Boredom can set in if I am not exploring new places, hobbies, knowledge, and activities. I am independent and self sufficient so I won't need to spend every waking moment together, but I greatly look forward to sharing my life with the right person. I look forward to doing the daily mundane tasks with someone and maybe those things won't be so mundane anymore. I can't wait for the comfort of just knowing someone is home when I get home, or able to just stay at home some nights together with the fireplace and bottle of wine. I am financially responsible which leaves me debt free .I love being outside: biking, rollar blading, skiing, camping, yard work and gardening, catching a tan in the boat while you fish. I enjoy cooking especially in my newly remodeled kitchen! My weekends consist of going to live music, outdoor patios in the summer, comedy, movies, theatre, or game night with some friends.I keep myself busy with numerous house projects in the winter months, reading books, browsing at book stores, and movies. I love animals. I have two cats and would like a dog someday too. I am probably too old to have kids (unless a medical miracle can occur hahahaah) but if I met the right person who wanted kids I would explore adoption.Am open to dating someone with kids too. I just hope this person understands how to make the relationship a priority too, so their companion does not feel second fiddle to the kids. I realize kids are extremely important, but so is dedicating time to your relationship. Your kids will grow up and leave someday, but your mate will be with you forever. I am hoping to find that "magical mutual attraction," that will last a lifetime, and give us the motivation to grow old together. So if you are ready to find the right man to experience life's adventures, both good and bad, then let's see if the chemistry is there. I have so much to offer you!!!!

what carljones555 would like to do on a first date:
Coffee,chat to know more about each other

carljones555's profession:

carljones555's interests:
Golf, swimming, tennis, music, cooking, hiking, movies.

height:6' 3" (191 cm)
would you date someone under 4'10" tall?no
body type:average
hair color:black
eyes color:hazel
do you still live with your parents?I live in my own house
do you own a car?yes
marital status:divorced
do you have children?no
would you date someone who has children?yes
do you want children?undecided
your religion:christian - other
do you like metal (the musical genre)?It's ok..
are you vegan?sometimes
do you drink alcohol?rarely and in small quantity
do you smoke cigarette?no
do you smoke pot?no
do you take other drugs?no
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