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PM chat with marylove233
looking for:dating a man
distance:1775 km

about marylove233:
I am an active and purposeful person in life. I like to work hard to get the result from my job. I always put a goal and try to reach it no matter how hard it can be. At home I like everything to be in its order. I think that the place we live should be always clean and cozy, so I do it myself and want the others try to do the same. I think I am a kind person by my nature that is why I like animals a lot.

what marylove233 would like to do on a first date:
I am looking for a clever, kind, sincere and honest man. He should be the one I rely on as he should always take the responsibility for the things and decisions he makes in life. He should be strong physically and mentally. My man is the man who is serious in the relationship and who wants to build a strong family built on good values. My man is a head of the family, he knows how to earn the money to make his family feel comfortable sharing the life time together. He should love the kinds and animals.

marylove233's profession:

marylove233's interests:
Walking and Cooking.

height:5' 7" (170 cm)
would you date someone under 4'10" tall?yes
body type:average
hair color:black
eyes color:hazel
do you still live with your parents?I live in an appartment with roomate(s)
do you own a car?no
marital status:single
do you have children?yes
would you date someone who has children?yes
do you want children?yes
your religion:christian - other
do you like metal (the musical genre)?I'm a metal head! lml
are you vegan?no
do you drink alcohol?no
do you smoke cigarette?no
do you smoke pot?no
do you take other drugs?no
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