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PM chat with MIKE47
looking for:dating a woman or a couple (2 women)
distance:90 km

about MIKE47:
I'm a single 47 yr old man, no kids, no drink, no drugs, no jail time. Christian faith. 6 ft. 213 lbs. looking for the minimal of friendship hopefully with benefits. Prefer a LTR, but take what I can get and be happy with that. However, I only seek 100% born as female, under about 155 pounds, with a tight waist. Any age or race, as long as you don't expect me to pay money and don't use a lot of foul language. Closest to or within the 21206 area takes priority. Not too fond of long distance.

what MIKE47 would like to do on a first date:
Anything that doesn't cost a lot of money, or eating excessively.

MIKE47's profession:

MIKE47's interests:
electronics/computers anything with technology, fishing, camping.

height:5' 11" (180 cm)
would you date someone under 4'10" tall?yes
body type:thin
do you still live with your parents?other
do you own a car?no
marital status:single
do you have children?no
would you date someone who has children?yes
do you want children?undecided
your religion:baptist
do you like metal (the musical genre)?It's ok..
are you vegan?no
do you drink alcohol?no
do you smoke cigarette?regularly
do you smoke pot?no
do you take other drugs?no
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